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Transformational Solutions is a strategy consultant and coaching firm to clients in the public, non-profit and philanthropic sectors.  We bring over 15 years of experience as organizers and leaders for equity and positive social change to our work, knowing organizations like yours are eager to disrupt structural bias, adapt to a changing world, and create the healthier, just, and prosperous communities we all want. We help our client achieve transformational change through comprehensive coaching, strategic support, with a special focus on stakeholder and community co-creation, co-ownership and power-sharing. We work with you, your team and your stakeholders to imagine and craft inclusive solutions that deepen impact, ensure sustainability, and preserve the legacy of your important work. We’re committed to supporting our clients’ journey from knowing better to doing better.

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Huda Ahmed

As the founder of Transformational Solutions, Huda’s life’s work  is transforming systems so that every community has a sustainable ecosystem  that provide it the opportunity for safety, health and wellbeing. Her track record and expertise is around the process of community-institution co-creation to transform systems, with a focus on building co-ownership  and power-sharing.

Huda has  worked in local public health, academia, and in the private sector to  rebuild ecosystems and put in place processes that support the ability of individuals and communities to grow in their health and wellness. No matter the sector or topic, Huda’s work  is grounded in the belief and mission that in order to have the equitable world we want; organizations, systems, programs, and initiatives must be (re) created with communities.   From Census to urban planning, cancer research and screenings to climate change, her work  has impacted thousands of lives in Minnesota and beyond.

Huda is a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Leader where she collaborates with leaders from across the country in creating and advancing a national vision of equity for all.  She shares her approach and expertise  through authored articles,  speaking at local  and national conferences, and as a lecturer.  She has a Master of Science degree in Community Health Education from Minnesota State University, Mankato and is a Humphrey School of Public Affairs Policy Fellow Alum.

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